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Government’s throne speech largely ignores people’s needs: NDP

October 22nd, 2014

Government’s agenda has very little for health care, education, cost of living, seniors, highways, flood prevention

The throne speech misses the mark, and shows the government is primarily working to benefit a select few while dismissing the things most Saskatchewan families want and need, according to the NDP.

The speech from the throne outlines the government’s agenda for the year. Wednesday, the government delivered a throne speech that didn’t discuss the need to address run-down, crowded hospitals; the rising cost of living that’s making it very hard to get ahead; and the lack of one-on-one attention for many children in classrooms throughout the province.

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NDP lays out throne speech must-haves

October 21st, 2014

The NDP is laying out a list of priorities and specifics it wants to see in Wednesday’s speech from the throne – chief among them is for this government to stop ignoring the basics in health care and reverse the trend of declining care and long waits in backed up, run-down hospitals.

“This government has billions of additional revenue each year, thanks to our natural resources and to hard-working families. It can afford to deliver on the things we all count on, but instead it obsesses over pet projects that don’t benefit Saskatchewan people,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten.

“It’s time for a direction that focuses on the things that really matter to Saskatchewan families. It’s time for quality health care in clean, well-equipped hospitals and seniors care homes. It’s time for smaller class sizes in our kids’ schools. It’s time for this government to stop forcing families to keep paying extra – because the cost of living is outstripping gains made by people, making it harder to get ahead.”

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